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Dayne Wilson, The founder of WilloTech has spent the last 18 years in Information Technology and enjoys it.


He has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information System (MIS) and holds several advanced information technology (IT) certifications. Dayne spent the latter part of his IT career in networking and engineering solutions, supporting and deploying them. It was during this time that he developed a passion and love for the information technology as it relates to home security and home automation. 


With his years of experience and unique method of troubleshooting issues, Dayne quickly became the subject matter expert in information technology, security camera systems and home automation. Today his company WilloTech, sells, supports, engineers and deploys technologies in all three areas. WilloTech is able to support many brands and products simply because they understand the core fundamentals of networking enabling these technologies to work together efficiently. Dayne realized that for the end user, technology can be confusing and frustrating to setup, and that users just want the setup to work!

WilloTech was founded to serve and satisfy customers who have a need for a total solution. No more wasting precious time speaking on the phone with support personnel with knowledge limited to only a few products! WilloTech personnel boast wide-ranged knowledge of networking, security camera systems, home automation and information technology in general.

Welcome to WilloTech!

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